Monday, March 12, 2012

Out of surgery

Sheba is out of surgery. She made it through well. The surgeon was wonderful and he took the whole spleen out. He took his time and really was careful. We are so relieved. Our surgeon said he's seen a lot of tumors and in older dogs they are usually malignant. But he said by appearance it didn't look like a malignant tumor. It was in a strange place on the spleen though. He let us peek through the ICU window to see her and it was good to look at her. He says the next 24-36hrs are the critical ones where things can go wrong. We will get to see her tomorrow night.

Here is where Sheba is...

Please keep praying that she won't have any internal bleeding. You all have been awesome praying for her. We get the pathology report back at the end of the week for the spleen and they also did a biopsy of her liver.

The good news....she made it through and is comfortable on pain meds.

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