Sunday, March 4, 2012

Happy Lords Day

Church was awesome today. A representative from the Association for Rehabilitation Ministry ARM. Its prison ministry. I was floored at how many prisons there are here in the US. It just brought me to tears at the amount of broken people in jail. Plus think of all the broken people that are victims of these prisoners. The world just really needs Jesus. I have been going back and forth about being a volunteer in prison ministry. There is a ministry called Crossroads. I had a manual to learn to be a mentor to an inmate by correcting bible study tests and answering letters. Its all anonymous and only a first name is given. All the communication goes through the organization. For instance I would receive a test and possibly questions from the organization. I would correct and answer questions then mail back to crossroads. Then crossroads checks everything to make sure there is no identifying info and they send it back to the inmate along with the next lesson.

Anyhow because of something that happened to me I though it might upset me too much to do it and I threw it away. After hearing this man I am ashamed I did this when God had given me a burden for them. I will reorder the training and go forward with becoming a mentor. God loves everyone he created and doesn't want anyone to be lost. He tells us to treat everyone as if they were Him for we will be judged for what we've done and not done for the least of these. I'm reminded of Jonah who ran from the work God told him and so he was swallowed by a whale. I don't want God to have to get my attention. I say yes Lord. I will do your will.

My secret sis gave me my presents for January and February. Here they are.

My CNA painted my toenails on Friday. I think my little piggies are super cute. Amy gives good pedicures.

And here is Miss K taking a Sunday cat nap.

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