Monday, April 4, 2011

Awesome weekend.

Jim and I really had a nice weekend together. We went to lunch at Ryan's in Greenwood. Then we were off to our favorite store of all time....Half Price Books. I have added to my craft book collection quite a bit and usually for only one or two dollars per book. Ocasionally I might have to pay 25% of what the book would be worth . So obviously I can go bananas there.

My dear hubby got me some nice quilting magazines and three really nice needle arts books. I am looking to maybe do some candlewicking wth the new book.I have a friend from church   coming over to visit and look at crafting patterns. I sure am a spoiled wife. ....

Well, Iris and I had a real good time visiting over tea and patterns. I was looking through some old needlework magazines and found a few really cute patterns I want to try.

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