Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wips continued.

I forgot to show the picture of the goose girl progress. This one is so cute. Can't wait to get it done.

Just came to a conclusion since I've been trying to listen to God more and do His will and not my own. I am going to focus more on getting stuff done that I have instead of accumulating more and more patterns and kits. I have so much more than I can possibly stitch now. So I will focus more on having the threads I need and just buying fabric for pieces. Stitchers help keep me accountable. I already have so much stuff it is overflowing my craft room and the house as well. Don't want to be a boarder. I have also changed my diet to very low sugar as I am diabetic and it makes me feel pretty yucky and makes me gain weight something awful.

Well here is the next Wip.

5. I Love My Cat
By Janlynn
Counted Cross Stitch
14ct perforated plastic

6. Sunflower Vase Picture #20444
By Candamar Designs
Stamped Cross Stitch
Cream Linen

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