Friday, April 15, 2011


Good Morning everyone. So far having a pretty good day. Took Sheba for a walk this morning and we had a nice time. It was  a little windy out there but nice and sunny.

Last night I was realizing I haven't been spending enough time with God. That I haven't been putting him first. I read a devotion last night that said something to the effect that whatever we think about first when we get up tells us what is most important to us. And I have to admit I have been puting my crafting ahead of Him. That makes me sad because I know I have been hurting God. I was talking with Jim last night about how I was dissapointed in a friend. And he said "Some friends are just fair weather friends. They only want to be friends on their terms." And after I read that devotion I realized I am a fair weather friend to God. I really felt bad. So, I will work on that.

Ok I would like to start an exchange. It will be a needle book exchange. It has to be on linen NOT aida.
Sign up date ends  April 30. Mail date by June 1. Looking forward to doing this fun exchange and our very first one. I will be giving away a prize to the one I like the best. It will be a really nice kit from my stash.

Blessed Stitching,
Sarah Beth


  1. Hunny, I'm sure that God doesn't mind sharing you with the beautiful work you create. Please don't feel guilty, that's not what life is all about.
    Why not stitch a religious themed project for your church or vicar, combine both your favourite things. Or use your stitching time to meditate on your beliefs (rather than having the TV on!)
    I usually stitch with the TV on but sometimes get a craving for silent stitching. It's very calming and restorative.
    Sent with love, Jo x

  2. oops forgot to say, a needle book exchange sounds nice! I'll join in, if someone can tell me how to make one (blushes).
    I'll put a link on my page: