Friday, April 22, 2011

Off to LNS

Well I found my LNS from now on. It an hour away unfortunately but I was.really happy to find it. It is called Needle Fever out of Castleton of Indianapolis. I was looking for an autumn Prarie Schoolers design but didn't find what I wanted. So of course I had to get a few things. So without further ado here it is.

Jim found this one. He likes motorcycles and so does his dad. I will do one for his dad probably.

I have been seeing a lot of people doing these on different blogs and I think they are super cute. They are the Dickens Mittens chapters 1 & 2.

These are from the Crossed Wings Collection. No.
23 and 24 . Scarlet Tanager and Western Tanager . Aren't theses adorable. Fell in love with a design by Stoney Creek of a bluebird similar to these scenes. They used a gorgeous fabric that made it look like real sky in the background. Next time I will buy that design and fabric.

These were very inexpensive for two fifty a piece. I really like this magazine ( Cross-Stitch & Needlework) and glad for it. All the designs I got were only a buck a piece. And here is the last one.

These are from Sudberry House from the Designer series No.45 Best Clocks. I love the ones with the birds in them.

Well I am off to do some stitching.
Blessed Crossing,
Sarah Beth

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  1. That's a nice haul. I haven't seen that magazine in the UK. Not that I need anymore magazines! I subscribe to 2 and often buy one more each month if it's got a Joan Elliot in it!

  2. ooo nice haul you got there :) have seen the mittens done and they are really cute :)sorry to hear you have a lot of rain at the moment :( love mouse xxxx