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If you want to sign up for the exchange you need to do these things to be included.
1. Send me your name, email, mailing addy to
2. Become a follower of my blog.
3. Tell me what your very first cross stitch project was.
4. Include your blog website.

Thanks so much.

Today is going well. Right now I'm reading a new book by a favorite author of mine Wanda Brunstetter called A Cousin's Challenge. It's book three of the Indiana Cousins series. I've read both of the previous books and they were great too.

Book 2 was A Cousin's Prayer

Here is some more projects up around the house that I've done that I thought you all might want to see

This was a cute embellished project using blending filament. That was tricky. I recommend Thread Heaven.

A fun bear by Marie Barber . It also came in a kit. I also have partly done of that series Bear & Bunny which is below and Bear & Sandcastle which I haven't started yet and is also in a kit. I recently checked a book out of our local library by Marie Barber called Cross Stitch the Special Moments of Your Life. Inside it had the whole series of bears. I didn't know there were more so I have taken pics of the cover and the series. Maybe some of you may want to stitch these cute little bears yourselves. You can buy the book. I recommend using You can get most anything used for hardly any money. Or buy it new or check it out at your local library. I've always been a big advocate for libraries as I worked as a full time volunteer for a very long time.

And finally what would this blog be without a really cute picture of my German Shepherd, Sheba napping on her sisters old pillow bed.

Blessed Stitching,
Sarah Beth

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  1. I'd like to join in the needlebook exchange, now I've found out how to make one!

    My blog is and my latest post features a picture of my first finish, a cute mini sampler from DMC.

    ps great to hear you support your library, we're running a campaign to save our's at the moment. Our delightful Government seems to think libraries are a luxury we can't afford!

    I'll email you my email addy now!