Friday, April 1, 2011

Button Basket Finished

I got my stitching project done and finished. My good friend and creative quilter, Harriett helped me decide how to finish it off. I absolutely love it. Don't you?

Sheba.and I went for our morning walk today. Doesn't she look cute.

I have made myself a nice hot cup of chocolate and I am sitting down finally. Seems there is always.something to do. This morning after our walk I put a dent into the clothes needing to be put away in my bathroom. That tool.a.while. I'm proud of myself for stopping before I got tired. I'm learning to listen to Gods voice and obey instead of ignoring what He is telling me. I really cherish my walks with Sheba because I talk to God pretty much.the.whole way. It is so good for the.soul
I get everything out and my day goes so much better.

I'm off to stitch.a new project.
Blessed stitching,
Sarah Beth

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