Thursday, April 28, 2011

More Dale Burdett

During my organising fun I found a few more.Dale Burdett kits. I've decided I like this designers work more than I used to especially after doing the cute mouse one. This one is from the Pitiful Pals series. It's entitled "Poor Me" or "Do I hafta". It's done on 14ct cream aida and is counted cross stitch. c1985. It comes with a frame but I done think I will use it.

Isn't this bear so cute. I was wondering if any of you stitchers have any old out of date kits like dale Burdett that you know you won't use. Maybe I could stitch something for you or give you a little money for them in exchange. I wouldn't be able to pay much so I figured you might like something stitched from my stash instead. Leave a comment and let me know. Thanks.

Onto my next little gem I found already stitched just in need of finishing. Any ideas on what I should make it into. Pillow, small quilt wallhanging? I would appreciate your comments.

Isn't Pumpkin cute. I was doing the wash yesterday and my little helper decided to inspect the dryer to make sure it was safe. She is always doing the cutest stuff. Another thing she loves to do is peer over the toilet lid to watch the water swirl down. She will try to get up on the seat when its open. I can see it now one day I will hear a splash and.she.will have fallen in. She follows me in the shower. She will sit on the edge toward the back and watch me. She is a Mommy's girl for sure.
Have a great day and blessed stitching.
Sarah Beth

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  1. Hi :) the bird would make a lovely ornament to hand from your mantle piece at Christmas (if you have one your furbaby is gorgeous ... hope she doesn't fall down the loo .. love mouse xxx

  2. Don't look to me for help with not buying stash! Mine is for my retirement fund. Even though I don't actually buy that much these days (due to lack of finances) I keep finding lovely free charts and putting them in a computer folder.
    So not only do I have real stash I have virtual stash too!
    Love the cute cat too. I'm definitely a cat person.