Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Bunny

The Easter Bunny came to visit last night!!! I guess his calander must have been off since he was a day late but we were glad to have him anyways. Actually he really is a bunny. His ears were so tiny and he didn't have much of a tail either. Pumpkin was at the window mewing and Jim looked to see why and he whispered," Sarah honey come look quick." I watched for quite a while. That bunny even ate one of my rose leaves. I would have chased it away for that but since it was the Easter bunny how could I begrudge a rose leave when he left me so many yummy goodies in the past. I could have sworn he glanced up at me and winked as he nibbled that leaf knowing what mischief he was getting away with:)

What do you think of the mouse finish? I got the idea from all the wonderful blogs I have been following.

Sure do need the rain to let up so Jim can mow the lawn. It's getting awfully long with all this wet and sunny weather.

Well...I'm off to stitch.

Blessed Stitching,
Sarah Beth

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  1. awwww cute ... forgot to mention yesterday how cute the cushion was sorry ..... lovely finish :) love mouse xxx

  2. Hi Sarah, thank you for your comment on my blog, for your gamer husband spritestitch.com is probably the best place to look for yoshi or Mario patterns as there are many on there that fellow gamers have created. Hope this helps :)