Saturday, April 16, 2011

Dale Burdett vintage ornie

Christmas Mouse
Designer - Dale Burdett.

Here is an old eighties kit that I'm stitching for as an ornie. Isn't the little mouse so cute. I'm a fan of mice (not the live ones though unless they are are outside where they belong. There is a designer who has a selection called House Mouse. I have some of the machine embroidery designs and they are so cute.

Well I am working on the.backstitching right now. Isn't it amazing how the designs just POP when backstitching is added. Hope you're having a great weekend.

Oh, the other day we had a not so funny run in with a tick. Well I woke up early in the night itching my head. I thought it was a pimple that I was scratching at on my head when I realized it was a tick. I managed to flick it put with my nail and the the realized more clearly what it was. I woke up my husband yelling a nasty four letter word I'm not to proud of while running to the bathroom with this tick between my two fingers. The funny part is I have braces on my feet to prevent foot drop and braces on my arms too and a sleep apnea mask on. All which had to come off in the process. All the while I'm cussing loudly . I get to the bathroom sink and realize when I stuck the tick on my arm brace to carry it is now not there. So now Jim and I are madly looking for the dropped tick for a half hour. All the while I've stripped and I'm creaking out hopping around afraid the tick os get me. Then Jim the ever smart and sensable one of the family looks at my brace and it is right there. It was hiding and moved to a different spot. So into an old prescription bottle it goes. A day later a tick gets on Jims leg. He was much calmer than I was. So we find out our expensive flea medicine for the dog doesn't protect against ticks. Only frontline does. Now we are protected.
Blessed Stitching,
Sarah Beth

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  1. the mouse is adorable. I received my lizzie kate package in the mail. I adore it. I to am a christian and feel so blessed that I am on your prayer list. Have a blessed day.